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Frequently Asked Questions


We know the wealth of information that can come with finding the perfect place to host your event. Here in one easy place you can find the ins and outs of Carson Place. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. 


How many hours is the rental for?


The rental is 4 hours with 1.5 for set up and .5 for break down.

(Example) Event is 7pm - 11pm. Set up would be 5:30pm and  Break down would be 11pm - 11:30pm.


What is the latest time an event can go till?


We have a 1:00AM license.

Last drink is served 20 minutes before end of the event.


If I pay the $100.00 fee for no food, can I bring in my own food?


No, the fee is for events that have no food at all. No outside food is permitted.


Can I purchase extra time?

If you want to guarantee extra time when booking your event it is $100.00 per hour.

If come  the week of your event,  you will need extra set up time and the hall is available it is $25.00 per hour.

If during your event you wish to extend past the 4 hours, permission is based on how your night is going. If previous hours have gone well, we can extend at a rate of $100.00 per hour.

Extentions are never made past 1:00AM. 


What is the capacity of the rooms?


All capacities will be adjusted based on the type of event and set up. Using the numbers below as a guideline and please note capacity does not equal seats, just means number of people in the room

The Lounge is 100 people.

Hall 1 is 225 people.

Hall 2 is 220 people.

Hall 3 is 325 people.

Walls between halls 1-2-3 may be opened to accommodate larger groups.


Must my event have a bar?


You do not need to have a bar.

If you choose to have a bar, you may choose, full liquor, beer and wine or soda and juice bar.

If you choose to have a bar, you must generate $1,500 in sales per bartender. If you do not it is $150.00 charge per bartender.

(Example) Your event has two bartenders. Bar sales by the end of the night is $1,400. You will be charged $300.


What is the cancellation policy?


If you can cancel less than 12 weeks before your event, your deposit is nonrefundable.


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